Monday, September 28, 2015

Some Publicity

Hallo again!

Here is some publicity of the last year. Didn´t manage to upload the Pdf´ just some pictures:

Austrian Sport Magazin Ladies: 

German SURF Magazine 2014

Windmag France

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Little timeout on the Island after "Ius Practicandi"

Hallo everybody!!!

Finally I am spending time again in my beloved ocean and in the waves!! :-)
The last year was pretty busy, so please excuse me for not posting anything...
There was a lot of work, lot of further education, some final exams. Now, after 3,5 years as an intern 
("Turnusarzt") in the hospital, rotating from one to another department, I finally got my " Ius Practicandi", my Medical Diploma as a General Practitioner (GP). A big step is done!
One part of me is happy and proud, the other part a bit nervous and anxious about what´s next.
Some decisions to make... Most of all I want to find a solution for a good work- life balance!! ;-)

But now first of all it is time for some water action again!!!
Just got my new sails!! Pink rules !! ;-)

Here some shots from the last days by Harry Winnigton.

Some pictures from great conditions the last year by Gilles Calvet:

Friday, August 15, 2014

For sale!

Hello everybody!

I got some stuff for sale.
If you are interested and want some further information please contact me on my email:

- Goya Quad 67l, 2013 edition

- North Kite, Neo 10m2, 2012

- Dakien Harnesses: T4 Wave Windsurf, Vision Kite

- Tecnolimit Boom "Flash", 100%Ergal, 135-180cm

-Several wetsuits, Camaro, Size 36/38 for women

Hope yo are all doing fine,
Wish you a great summer!

Yours, ULI

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thanks 2013, Welcome 2014!!

Hallo everybody!

Time flies...
It´s more than a year ago that I wrote the last update. Busy times!
After a 2 years rehabilitation-time after some injuries, and some other life changes,  I more or less reached my "personal low" at the end of 2012. Well, I learned a lot at least..

But 2013 turned out to be just a great year! Happy throughout!
I left my work in Salzburg, moved back to Innsbruck, which I can really call "home" now (for the moment..;-). Before starting my new job here in Innsbruck/Hall I took some timeout and travelled again...:-)
Now I am happy to work with really nice people in a great atmosphere in the hospital of Hall in Tirol.
Lot of work at the moment, but every now and then I still find some time for outdoor activities!

All good!!!

For 2014 I wish you all a fulfilled life and that you can be proud of your way of living!!
Live and learn!
Inner peace is the most important!

So for now, pictures say more than a thousand words... - here some of the last year!


Thanks to Dakine, Camaro, Bolle and Goya for your continuous support after all these years!

Skitouring with great friends, April 2013, Tyrol

Biking in the High Atlas and sailing at the atlantic shores of Maroc

Srilanka, June 2013

 "Hallo my dear surfer" ;-)

There was as well Mauritius again in september. But that´s another story.

And winter came back as well in November...;-)

But hear you soon!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A good start in to the New Year!!


I see, I am getting a bit lazy here....
But time flies!! Maybe the working life (or the age ;-)) might be the reason for this.

Now I am the 5th month of my rotation in the internal medicine at the LKH in Salzburg. Still liking it. Beginning of May I most probably will change the field and rotate to another departement of the hospital. Let´s see, hope I am lucky again with my colleagues and bosses..

But most important for me in this new year- my injured leg FINALLY shows some good rehabilitation progress!!!!
This was such a hard year, or better say 14 months. I wasn´t able to enjoy this amazing winter, which was a biig lession for me... and the pain made me
sometimes really desperate.

Trying to cross-country ski at Zürs, Arlberg in January...

But after terrible doubts if I´ll ever come back to sports I finally know that I´ll be able to ski, surf, sail, kite and even maybe snowboard again!!! It might take some more time and I´ll force myself to stay patient...but I WILL!!
In february I had a 10 days holiday in the Caribbean. I was able to start to surf again very carefully, and the ocean did it´s best to speed up the healing process......

Always most happy at the Ocean;-), Barbados....

After those days the terrible painful situation improved considerably. You cannot image how happy I was being finally able to walk down stairs again!!

Now I can hike up the mountain with the skies, super easily ski down on an easy slope, enjoy the spring sun....still a lot of snow out there :-))
Yes,- life is good!!

And well, guess I have to admit that many of my friends were right...
It is important to see an injury as a chance!
You always come out of a crisis as a stronger and happier person!!!
I hope I´ll never forget how estimable it is just to be able to walk!!
Especially because I know how incredible lucky I was to survive my crash down this 400hm couloir last year!
Sometimes it gets very important to lower your limits and learn to be happy with small things..maybe it was really the time for me to learn that...
Not only an over masthigh wave can make you feel alive and happy..;-))

Easy ski-touring in Tyrol

So long,
Enjoy the sun!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X-Mas everyone and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
- Wherever you are - out there on the mountains, in the ocean, with your families, in the cities, still in bed,......!!

Remember- Christmas shouldn´t be only on the 24th of december but every day. Spend time with your loved ones as often as possible, have an open ear for your friends, be generous to the poor, and show hospitality to strangers and keep your heart warm and open!!!

I wish you a peaceful day!

For sale!


Before the upcoming next year I want to sell some stuff:

Ezzy Panther Wavesails 2010, all in good condition:
- 4.7m2
- 4.2m2
- 3.3m2 NEW!!

Lorch Oxygen Waveboards 2008 Models:
- 68L
- 75L

Dakine Wave-Harness T4, Women, 2011, Size S

Camaro Wetsuits Women, 2011 collection, NEW, Size 38
longarm 3-4-5mm, short arm 3-4mm, Shorty

If you are interested, please contact me via my e-mail.