Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flying to a Heliboarding Trip

Tomorrow I am leaving for a Heliboarding Trip to Usbekistan with a lot of my female Ex- Snowboard collegues...!!!
Girls-Power rivival for ten days! I am stoked. More news soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ski Touring in Italians Dolomite Alpes

After some gray,rainy days in Innsbruck we decided to drive down to Italy for one day of the weekend. We went to the Dolomites, approximately 2 hrs driving from Innsbruck. ( Brennero- Brixen- Bruneck-Villa Bassa). The landscape is amazing and you find a lot of uncrowded terrain and touring possibilities down there.
On the south side of the alps the weather was fine. So good to sea the sun again!
We started our four hrs hike at the "Prager wildsee". ( Lago di Braies)..Fortunately it was frozen...It was an incredible beautiful hike up through steep couloirs, beside these steep 1000m high cliffs....It was my first big Ski tour this year after spending 4 months on the sealevel...was not in my bst shape, but made it up to the top of the "Senner Karspitze (2700hm) without problems.
WE chose another route for skiing down. A steep northern face. Incredible powder!
Beautiful day. The beer tasted really good afterward!
Enjoy the incredible landscape pictures!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New LORCH Snowboards!!!


A big thanks to the guys from LORCH for supporting me as well with their new snowboards and skis!! They are just great!! Check the modells at :
I just had in incredible day in my new snowboard. Lot´s of powder in the " Axamer Lizum"

Friday, March 7, 2008

Home in Austria


After four months in Western Australia I finally made it back home...Not easy! REality got me straight away. Strike of the ground personal on all the German airports ( I always have to fly to Munic because of my "little" luggage...No airplane would take it to the small Airport in Innsbruck...)HAd to wait a couple of hours in Frankfurt until I could take a flight to Munic. I made the best out of it and relaxed in the Miles and More lounge a had a couple of Proseccos at seven in the morning after 28 hrs of flying. I have to admit - that´s quite effective.....( Australien Beer-time is over..) The good thing was as well that my luggage got lost..and I didn´t have to carry it around the airport and load it on my car all by myself. HAte that! It should be delivered to my home by Lufthansa. the bad thing...It is still not here...SOmewhere between Frankfurt and Bangkok...Let´s hope!
In the evening back home in my flat ( all the flowers dead....2kilos of mails....) I just fell in my bed, deadly tired. But the next morning I woke up with this view in front of my window...See first pic!
--It was definatley not hard to get up!!
The first big snowfall since six weeks- just when I am back home. Great!

I quickly picked up my new Snowboards and up on the mountain!!!!!!
Lorch - my Surfboardsponsor, is now already developing and building Snowboards and Skis since two years. I was so excited to finally test them!!! And I have to admit they are great!!! Tested two different sizes and ended up loving the Advanced 152 for the slope and the Professional 157cm for powder. It is a bit big for me, but with that powder we had...perfect!!!!
Had a great day on the Stubaier Glacier...Just too many people here...I am not used to crowds in gondolas anymore...

Thats the view to the" Inntal" from up there..

This morning I went to a quick Backcountry-tour with the skies with a very good friend. We were pretty slowly getting up...First of all because we had to tell each other the last four months..second of all because I have to admitt that I am not in the best physical "mountain" shape at the moment. could really feel that my legs were not as strong as they used to be...Surfing is definately more for the arms....Hope it comes back soon!!!!

We had a great steep virgin white powder downhill face in front of us! SMile!!!!!!!!!
Thats a good way to come back!

This afternoon is now filled with a lot of organisation-work. I guess now I slolwy should start to get serious....have to get all four months of post and letters looked through, bills and bills to pay,....exams, university..
Its time!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


This was my last day in Western Australia. Had some good kiting and sailing in Lancelin. Got a little bit more into kiting- but no worries,- it is definately NOT better than sailing! Far toooooo dangerous! SOme friends of mine got hooked on Windsurfing. Two more girls out there! GReat!
thanks to Stian - the guy with the baby cream on his head- for the pictures and for helping me out with starting and landing kite and the lines....
Now i am already back home in Austria. I just came for the right time. The first big dump since 6 weeks.
will be on the snow tomorrow!