Saturday, March 17, 2012

A good start in to the New Year!!


I see, I am getting a bit lazy here....
But time flies!! Maybe the working life (or the age ;-)) might be the reason for this.

Now I am the 5th month of my rotation in the internal medicine at the LKH in Salzburg. Still liking it. Beginning of May I most probably will change the field and rotate to another departement of the hospital. Let´s see, hope I am lucky again with my colleagues and bosses..

But most important for me in this new year- my injured leg FINALLY shows some good rehabilitation progress!!!!
This was such a hard year, or better say 14 months. I wasn´t able to enjoy this amazing winter, which was a biig lession for me... and the pain made me
sometimes really desperate.

Trying to cross-country ski at Zürs, Arlberg in January...

But after terrible doubts if I´ll ever come back to sports I finally know that I´ll be able to ski, surf, sail, kite and even maybe snowboard again!!! It might take some more time and I´ll force myself to stay patient...but I WILL!!
In february I had a 10 days holiday in the Caribbean. I was able to start to surf again very carefully, and the ocean did it´s best to speed up the healing process......

Always most happy at the Ocean;-), Barbados....

After those days the terrible painful situation improved considerably. You cannot image how happy I was being finally able to walk down stairs again!!

Now I can hike up the mountain with the skies, super easily ski down on an easy slope, enjoy the spring sun....still a lot of snow out there :-))
Yes,- life is good!!

And well, guess I have to admit that many of my friends were right...
It is important to see an injury as a chance!
You always come out of a crisis as a stronger and happier person!!!
I hope I´ll never forget how estimable it is just to be able to walk!!
Especially because I know how incredible lucky I was to survive my crash down this 400hm couloir last year!
Sometimes it gets very important to lower your limits and learn to be happy with small things..maybe it was really the time for me to learn that...
Not only an over masthigh wave can make you feel alive and happy..;-))

Easy ski-touring in Tyrol

So long,
Enjoy the sun!!