Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gran Canaria Worldcup is over...


Finally I give you some updates about my contest in Pozo, Gran Canaria. I was quite crestfallen after the results- but now I am finally back on my computer...
This year i only did the wave- comp.
The days before the competition we had really good sailing in Ojos de Garza and also in Pozo. Nice waves and i felt pretty good for the comp. although i did not sail for a long time..
the waveriding started straight away on the first day of competition. Waves were a smaller than the days before, but ok for Pozo.
In my first heat I was against Laure Treboux- the amazing freestyle sailor.
I got a nice wave right at the beginning,rode it and tried to hit the endsection...but too close to the rocks...And up there I was. On the nice slippery pozo rocks, right in the onshore corner of the a turtle. Not soo nice..I spent 3-4 min there until I made it back on the water after the set. Still had a good forward and a tabletop and another waveride- which I maybe did a little bit on the secure side..Actually I thought it would still be enough to advance as Laure is not the big jumper. But concerning the judges it was not. I was quite broken after that, but tried to keep myself head up for the duoble elimiation to come back!!
then the waiting game began......6 days without any waves. the wind getting stronger and stronger each day- and still flat.
I got a little impatient those days to be honest. Sitting on the beach in that wind killed me- and not geting to sail alot, as the bay was " closed" for the freestyle and slalom sailors..Maybe I lost focus a bit. That´s not really me , as normally i am quite competitive- do not know what happened..maybe still sad about the result in the single.
Finally on the second last day we could conplete the double.
I won my first heat against the Isreal girl: Lee-el Kortsiz, but not with a good performance to be honest. The next heat I was against Junko Nagoshi from Japan. that was a pretty hard seeding right at the beginning of he double. I could have beat her with a relly good perfromance.- But I missed out a second jump. I had a solid forward, but did not find enough steep ramps. Had a crashed backllop, but no safe tabletop....Too bad. Out! Over for me. With a ninth place. How bad!
My worst result since i am doing competitions...
Guess it was a mental problem here. did not figure it out yet...

Now i am a week on fuerteventura. Easy nice wavesailing with 4.7m, a bit of kiting, visiting friends...good for the soul!!

Here some pics- hope I get the new pics from Pozo soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some memories-Slideshow from Australia

Hi there!

Here in Pozo we did already the first single elimination yesterday....Conditions were "so-so". Windy for my 3.7m, in the morning still some nice waves, getting smaller and smaller when the tide came in. Riding small waves seems not to be my strong suit.....dropped out far too soon. Now I can only give my best in the double elimination and make my way back!!!!
Let´s hope for some waves in the next days to have a fair competition for everybody!!
Today there was only slalom racing for the men. Antoine Albeau still on the TOP!!
In the meantime- getting bored today in the stones here- I sorted out some pics of my trip this winter to Australia...some better waves..Enjoy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

PWA Worldcup in Pozo, Gran Canaria

Finally the first worldcup is starting.
The whole PWa-circuit meets again at the windy island of Gran Canaria for competitions in wave for men and woman, freestyle woman and slalom for men. We are welcome again by strong wind and lots of stones...
I arrived here four days ago. Little late as I had to do some exams at university....
the first two days pozo showed itself in a different light. No wind. Classy swimming conditions. the last two days we found pretty good wave- conditions in the north of the island- "Ojos de Garza". the putside point was working very fine and I had a lot of fun sailing again!!!!
Today we had inscription in Pozo and finally could get on the water here. the wind was strong for my 3.3m, and the whole crowd showed the big jumps...was pretty busy, but nice!
Looks like we are going to start the waves competition tomorrow. I hoped I would have some more days to get used to this conditions again, after a long time not beeing able to sail....But it is like it is- and fortunately we have some can also be different here!!
So I´ll give my best tomorrow. With the age comes the experience, no?

this is the nice view from the plane to the "inntal " and Innsbruck

the Hintertuxer Glacier

a little spanish football fan with the german flag...????

Material-storage at the Bar "La Ola"

Tall Tine Slabe from Slowenia and small Uli Hölzl from Austria at the Opening ceremony