Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X-Mas everyone and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
- Wherever you are - out there on the mountains, in the ocean, with your families, in the cities, still in bed,......!!

Remember- Christmas shouldn´t be only on the 24th of december but every day. Spend time with your loved ones as often as possible, have an open ear for your friends, be generous to the poor, and show hospitality to strangers and keep your heart warm and open!!!

I wish you a peaceful day!

For sale!


Before the upcoming next year I want to sell some stuff:

Ezzy Panther Wavesails 2010, all in good condition:
- 4.7m2
- 4.2m2
- 3.3m2 NEW!!

Lorch Oxygen Waveboards 2008 Models:
- 68L
- 75L

Dakine Wave-Harness T4, Women, 2011, Size S

Camaro Wetsuits Women, 2011 collection, NEW, Size 38
longarm 3-4-5mm, short arm 3-4mm, Shorty

If you are interested, please contact me via my e-mail.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New reality

Hi everybody!

Sorry, for a long time I didn´t update my blog..but the last time was pretty stressful and full of new impressions.
September and october I finished my traineeship in the pharmacy with a big exam. So now I am a pharmacist as well...;-)) And I will never ever work in a pharmacy, because it is too deadly boring for me!! ;-)

End of october I finally found the time and was fit enough to celebrate my finished medical studies (in the meantime nearly one year ago) and had my graduation party in Innsbruck. This was as well kind of a goodbye party in Innsbruck as I soon after moved.

So it was time to decide when and where to start with my clinical rotations and work as a doctor. My injuries still gave me a hard time, but I decided to just jump into real life, ignore the pain and start working to focus my thoughts somewhere else.
So I moved to Salzburg and started the "Turnus" - the internship beginning of november.
For now I can say that this didn´t especially help my knee but my soul.
I like my work as a doctor and I think that´s really the thing I want to do in my life. At the moment I am for half a year at the department of Internal Medicine, then I will see where I´m going to continue and hopefully I´ll soon know which speciality I am going for...I already have an idea, but let´s see what will be possible..
At the moment I am very lucky with my colleagues-funny cordial people, had a really good start, and I learn a lot. For sure nightshifts are hard and sometimes I have to do some work I cannot find any sense in , but I guess that´s normal. Compared with my life before- two studies and professional sports at one time- it is not that hard ;-)..Never believe people to much if they complain..;-)
At the moment my knee and ancle show improvement, but I´m still far away from real "interesting" sports. Thanks to that beautiful fall- sunny for 6 weeks in a row- I could cycle and mountainbike a lot and till end of november I was on the mountains in Tyrol and Salzburg in the sun in t-shirts :-))))

Now the winter is coming and I guess the next 2 months I will suffer a bit, before I can at least start to hike up the mountains with skies...
For now that´s fine for me, as I can focus on work and it doesnt stress me not to have so much sparetime anymore. For the future I will have to find a solution how to combine medicine and my love for the ocean and the mountains.. Comes time - come answers...

Salzburg by dawn and rising fog from the Gaisberg

Salzburg town

I wish you all a merry merry christmas time- don´t drink too much hot wine---;-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaining Grounds Movie released!!


The Austrian Windsurfing Movie " GAINING GROUNDS" is released!!!!! Wuhuuuu!!
We had the first Premiere in Vienna last Saturday and it was a big success.
The responsible guys Stefan Csaky and Manuel Grafenauer did a great job. Thanks guys!!
The movie is about 7 austrian windsurfers travelling to different spots in the world.
I finally got my own part from my trip to Madagascar last year.
You should check that movie out. It´s great! Good quality, professional cuts and amazing music!!
This weekend is the next premiere in Kiel, Germany.
The DVD will be distributed for free with the German " Windsurfing Journal". The issue is coming out right now!!!

For now you can watch the Tailer online on:

Personally it was very important for me to have some good feedback from my last years trips and to awaken those memories again.
This gives me power to come back to my level where I was.
I had a difficult year until now, with many injuries and operations and personal finished, looking for the right job, etc...
The last knee operation was 5 weeks ago.
It was painfull and pretty hard for me mentally, but everything went as planned and reha goes well so far.
Thanks to the docs!!
Now I am on my way back...I can go in the water...with my "therapy boards" ;-))
During those hot days in Austria "water is my therapy" ( as usual ;-)) !!!

I hope you can enjoy your summer, wherever you are!
All the best! Stay healthy and happy!!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Podersdorf SWC2011-2nd weekend

Hi everybody!
Hope you are all enjoying the upcoming summer!
Podersdorf was once again THE real Summer opening. After a succesfull PWA Freestyle Worldcup the weather was also delivering great conditions for the kiters.
For the Kite competition the organizers tried a very promising new competition format. Teams ( brands, shops, etc..) consisting of three persons were competing against each other. One man showing New school tricks, one man old school and one girl presenting Old School Style as well. There was a great spirit in the teams and for the spectators it was very interesting as well. They could observe not only those fast and difficult to understand new school tricks, they also could enjoy seeing the kiters flying HIIIGH!
I was for the first time on the other side of the competition- judging the girls. I have to admit that judging is not an easy job. you have to concentrate hard to see every trick, to observe every rider well and to decide fair! My big respect goes out to all the judges who are working all day long for a week in a competition- no matter if windsurfing, kiting or snowboarding!!!!

We had two days of good wind- combined with sunshine- and the athmosphere on the beach was amazing!
The winner of this kite competition was the team Kiteboarding EU. (The Worldchampion girl Pulido, - Rondina, - Tobi Bräuer),
Second- and very happy with their result- the team from the local Surfshop UpSideDOwn!

I big thank you goes out as well to Gerhard Polak the organiser of this event. He made a great week happen once again!!
and well....the parties were not to bad either...;-) The Royal Captains were providing the best sound and made everybody dance and party until the morning!1

thanks for everybody for great ten days!!!

all the best,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surfworldcup Podersdorf...first days

Once more..
Summeropening and Surfworldcup in Podersdorf!!

There is not much to explain to the ones who have been there already!
GReat atmosphere, nice people, incredible action, best parties,....
That what it is again this year!

For me it was the first weekend, when I felt alive again after my accidents.
I can slowly walk again and even made my first steps on the dancefloor ;-)
- even if i couldn´t shake all night long! but my Reha is going fine and I hope to be on the water for my first easy sessions in June...

Over the first weekend we didn´t have any wind, but the organisers took care of the action.
There was a Tow-In-Contest which was really interesting to watch!
the winner was: Gollito Estredo
Unfortunately Max Matissek who did great and won the qualification couldn´t step up to the expectations again in the finals. Anyway - Congratulations Max!!

Today the wind kicked in and the Single Elimination could get finished!
For now Van Broeckhoven is in first position. Let´s see if the double Elimination can be completed tomorrow. Let´s pray for more wind!!

Next weekend the show goes on for the kiters...
I am looking forward to the next days.
It is gonny be fun!!!

"Tow-In" session

Autograph session for my Sponsor Camaro

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Madagaskar Story

8 pages in the German SURF!!
there are more to come!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Madagaskar Story published im deutschen SURF


Just wanted to say that a story from my last trip to Madagaskar got published in the German SURF Magazine!!
Nice pics, good story!

Go to the next kiosk, check it out and safe one issue for yourself!!

All the best,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

postponed again...


So it didn´t turn out to be an ACL revision ( anterior cruciate ligament surgery).
In the operation the docs decided just to fill up the tunnels from my previous knee OP´s with bone graft from my hip.
Cross ligament Op will be in about earliest 3 month, as soon as the bone is hard enough and healed in.
Well this "project" and all these OP´s is slowly getting on my moral, missing a body which doesn´t hurt, missing some movement and adrenalin...
But well, I am sure this was the best option to have good initial situation for the final ACL surgery. the third time there is nothing to "poker" about!!

So if my ankle injury is healing well, I might have May and June when I can do a little sports, some work, some life...Enjoying spring hopefully!!

Cheers out there!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruciate ligament operation coming up tomorrow!!


The healing of my broken and operated ankle is going well.
Rips are hurting less....I can "move " again...;-)

So to safe a bit time and because it is concerning the same leg I decided to jump "into the cold water"...
The so long postponed third cruciate ligament revision operation will be tomorrow..

Yes I would lie if I´d say that I´m not scared..But I hope for the best this time, and i am positive!
I know I wont get a new knee...put lets pray for a bit more stability....for my knee and my life in the future..;-))))

Keep fingers crossed!

Wish you a nice spring!
Birds are singing!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The body will always stop you if the mind races...


Well, as I sad already..things don´t always turn out the way we plan.
My third cross-ligament operation for the knee was scheduled for the beginning of march.
Three days before the planned OP I went snowboarding to some great freeriding place. It was a sunny day, new fresh snow, perfect to get some great runs and to say godd-bye to the season...
we were hiking a bit and riding steep couloirs.
With the planned operation in m mind I wanted to make the best out of the day, couldn´t stop in time, as always..didn´t get enough..but well if you have so much is always hard to stop..

In the end I had a bad accident....
On backside traverse from one couloir to another one i did not have anough speed to make it and had to go out from my back bindings to push myself up a little snow cornice.
At that moment the snow of the cornice broke. I had no chance to get to a safe spot as I was only with one foot in my bindings..pretty the worst situation you can get into...:-(((
So I tumbled down the whole couloir for 300 hight meters....horrifying...
Had to be rescued by a helicopter..was in shock
broken ankle which had to be operated, a twisted knee on the other side (should get ok without OP), one broken rib....
Prettty bad, but I still think I was very lucky...could have been a lot worse with a the cliffs and rocks nearby.....
Operation went well, I am on the way up!!!
But now my previously planned operation on the old bad knee will be postponed a bit, but maybe already next week. As I am on crunches anyway on the same foot the docs say it is ok to do it soon as well....will have to speak to my physios to plan the Reha for both
as well..
Maybe the knee wanted some more time ;-)??
This looks like as it is going to be a Rehabilitation year for me..sad about it, as I was just to start to look for a job, see where life is going to lead me.
But now I have time to think it all over again....
Maybe that´s not bad, as I was not too sure anyway about my goals...
Well ..
The body always stops you if the mind races!!!!

Here is also an article in German in the Windsurfers Mag.
Great mag for all the windsurfing news around the world!!!

I wish you all the best.
Take your time if your body asks you to rest before accidents happen....!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi everybody...

Times is racing...

Well, wanted to write a short update already three weeks ago.

I finished my Medicine studies end of January.
Hell YeaH!!!
Still I dont realize i am not a student anymore....after so many years of pharmacy and medicine studies....and freedom and travelling ;-))))
And to be honest - it is a little awkward feeling not to know what comes next....
But life would be boring if it continues always the same way- no?
and I am also excited to be soon working as a doctor...wherever in the world that might be...

Now I had three weeks of get togethers, friends, celebrations.... ( who says that after finishing an exam you can relax ;-)????)
The last week I travelled to Fuerteventura. The forecast looked pretty promising. Unfortunately the big swell got destroyed a bit by the wind for the surf, and the wind was rarely enough for sailing...but well- things don´t always turn out as we wish for.
the island is still super beautiful, desert, waves, great food....

Now one more week at home and I hope for some more snow to come.
Then I have to undergo a knee operation...pretty scared to be honest- but hopefully i have have less problems then with that knee...

Well and then I´ll see where life will lead me..
As the waiter said in fuerte:
"Los tiempos cambian"....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ezzy Sails, Panther 2009+2010 for Sale


I am selling some of my Ezzy sails:

Panther 2009: 3.3m like new, 3.7m rarely used, great condition!

Here pics of the 3.3m and 3.7m

Panther 2010: 3.3m NEW
Panther 2010: 3,7m, 4.2m, 4.7m used but in good condtions, no tears.

Please contact me for further info and prize on:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trailer of GainingGrounds online- an upcoming Austrian Windsurfing movie!


Wuhuuuu - The trailer of Gaining Grounds is online!

This is in austrian windsurfing and surfing Project - filmed, produced and edited by:

It´s about seven windsurfers, each one moving forward to the spot, which fits best to their personality, style, and way of life.
Do not expect THE windsurfingaction, you are used to get presented from the best riders of the world. There are no tripple spocks and no big goiters. We are Austrians...but dedicated to the sport.
BUT expect a little bit more than sailing, more behind the scenes, more of the stuff which makes life worth living!!- Nature, people, friends, the smile on people´s faces, those special moments....
As the only girl in the movie I am proud to be one of them. There will be scenes of my adventures and my time on the water from the last summer in the Indian Ocean. When you see me riding the big wave in the trailer - you can get an idea about the conditions we were scoring- with a lot of patience!! ;-)
In this „natural habitat“ you´ll see us doing what we all love: „Explore, meet different cultures, make new friends and of course – WINDSURF.“ Those seven different ways of moving on, of going forward, step- by-step, this is GAINING GROUNDS.
I hope you will like it!


The whole windsurf movie GainingGrounds will be released later in spring 2011.
I´ll keep you updated!
But now- check it out!

GainingGrounds Trailer from GainingGrounds on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good days in the snow

Hi there!

Before and after New Years I had some good days on the mountains...
There was a bit of hiking necessary,- but it is always worth it!!!

At the moment the "Föhn" is blowing the "white" is melting and we are waiting for the next snow to come.
time to study for MY LAST EXAM !!! Jeah, well...!!

Enjoy the winter!!
Happy New Year 2011!!