Saturday, May 14, 2011

Podersdorf SWC2011-2nd weekend

Hi everybody!
Hope you are all enjoying the upcoming summer!
Podersdorf was once again THE real Summer opening. After a succesfull PWA Freestyle Worldcup the weather was also delivering great conditions for the kiters.
For the Kite competition the organizers tried a very promising new competition format. Teams ( brands, shops, etc..) consisting of three persons were competing against each other. One man showing New school tricks, one man old school and one girl presenting Old School Style as well. There was a great spirit in the teams and for the spectators it was very interesting as well. They could observe not only those fast and difficult to understand new school tricks, they also could enjoy seeing the kiters flying HIIIGH!
I was for the first time on the other side of the competition- judging the girls. I have to admit that judging is not an easy job. you have to concentrate hard to see every trick, to observe every rider well and to decide fair! My big respect goes out to all the judges who are working all day long for a week in a competition- no matter if windsurfing, kiting or snowboarding!!!!

We had two days of good wind- combined with sunshine- and the athmosphere on the beach was amazing!
The winner of this kite competition was the team Kiteboarding EU. (The Worldchampion girl Pulido, - Rondina, - Tobi Bräuer),
Second- and very happy with their result- the team from the local Surfshop UpSideDOwn!

I big thank you goes out as well to Gerhard Polak the organiser of this event. He made a great week happen once again!!
and well....the parties were not to bad either...;-) The Royal Captains were providing the best sound and made everybody dance and party until the morning!1

thanks for everybody for great ten days!!!

all the best,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surfworldcup Podersdorf...first days

Once more..
Summeropening and Surfworldcup in Podersdorf!!

There is not much to explain to the ones who have been there already!
GReat atmosphere, nice people, incredible action, best parties,....
That what it is again this year!

For me it was the first weekend, when I felt alive again after my accidents.
I can slowly walk again and even made my first steps on the dancefloor ;-)
- even if i couldn´t shake all night long! but my Reha is going fine and I hope to be on the water for my first easy sessions in June...

Over the first weekend we didn´t have any wind, but the organisers took care of the action.
There was a Tow-In-Contest which was really interesting to watch!
the winner was: Gollito Estredo
Unfortunately Max Matissek who did great and won the qualification couldn´t step up to the expectations again in the finals. Anyway - Congratulations Max!!

Today the wind kicked in and the Single Elimination could get finished!
For now Van Broeckhoven is in first position. Let´s see if the double Elimination can be completed tomorrow. Let´s pray for more wind!!

Next weekend the show goes on for the kiters...
I am looking forward to the next days.
It is gonny be fun!!!

"Tow-In" session

Autograph session for my Sponsor Camaro