Friday, February 29, 2008

Hallo to all of you!

My last days in Perth have come....
I am still workingat the hospital. Having a good time there.
At the moment there is no wind arounf Perth, but still alot of lot of things to do!
At the moment the Culture Festival in Perth is on for one month!

There are great events: Operas( Md Butterfly), theatres like Shakespears Midsummernight´s Deam, a lot of Music events and Concerts, Open air Cinemas. This city is just great!! I am really enjoying some culture for once.....

I will have one last day sailing according to the forecast on Sunday.
than some last packing and organisation, have to give my rental car back. Here I want to say a big Thank you to the guys of the Car rental from Club red.- They helped me out a lot! Great deals. Find Info under:

Tuesday off to Europe...
Gonna be sad!!!

See you!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back in Perth

Hallo to all of you!!

Yes, yes, I am still Down under. Instead of seven weeks, it finally came dwon to four month...!!
I am just really enjoying my time here!
I stayed up north until the beginning of February. Had an incredibnle last day there at my birthday. Double head high surf in the morning- only me and another addicted girl, and then a four hours logohigh session in the afternoon. The perfect day to finally say Good- bye to this magic place!!
Now i am back in Perth since two weeks. Back in the hospital, loving it more and more every day, as I slowly can start to treat patients, stitch them, put canulas in, tc...very exciting!!!
GReat doctors there- ferv friendly, patient and nice looking......third of them is windsurfing!

At the moment I cannot really sail though, as I sprained my ancel three weeks ago and it is still not good...
but good enough for kiting, which I have plenty of possibilities here for it in Perth.
Also the Perth Festival is going on at the moment. Yesterday we have been Downtown in a sper beautiful park with the skyline of Perth in the background,- watching Madama Butterfly from Puccini. A different and incredibel nice experience!!!

Going back home in one week will bring the tears in my eyes....
But once I have to go..
But back home a have NICE Plans: End of march going for a Heliboarding Trip to UJsbekistan with all my Ex- Professional SNowboard Girls!! GReat - all getting together again for once!

Life is beautiful at the moment!!!!