Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Freestyle Worldcup Neusiedlersee , Austria

Hallo !
Just some short news from the Worldcup at the Austrian Surfers Mekka- the Neusiedlersee.
There was a ten days action going on at the lake near Vienna. First starting with the free Surftest for all visitors. Then from the 29.4.-4.5. the PWA FReestyle Worldcup took place. Once again- "Men only". What a pity !!! We girls, we only had one time the chance to participate. This was in 2000- when I unfortunatley just could watch with two crutches after my knee operation.
Unfortunately not a lot of things are changing in womens sports...I guess there are several reasons why they do not want the girls to compete....First of all the would need another 10.000 Euro prizemony extra for the girls- which cannot be a problem at such a huge event. Maybe the PWA doesn´t try hard enough to get us in. Maybe the organizer of this event is not a "girls-fan". For sure our level of sailing is not far as good as the men´s- but I guess we do not look bad on the water- especially those new girls on the tour are ripping!! - on the beach we look better as well... So why? Maybe- and I guess most of all- they make enough money anyway out of this huge event- without the girls being there... Sad but true. If this can change one day? Maybe we have to sell ourselves in another way..!!
This event is also THE biiiiig party-summer opening for the whole Vienna area..The sports part of this event is for most of the peope not the main reason to come! ( I would not wonder if some of the visitors would not even know that there is a windsurfworldcup going on....)
And to be honest I also went there mainly to meet people, lot of old friends, and to party - like a real groupie!!. There were great concerts, great music, dancing the whole night through...I had a lot of fun. Good, there are no more pictures existing...
beside the party performance- which was exeptional from everybody- the guys showed an increible new range of manouvers on the water.- Please do not ask me the names of the tricks....
The wind was not great for the guys, just enough to get a comp going. They were sailing with 100L freestyleboards and 5.8m sails...but their show was amazing!!
The last sunday they were lucky with the wind and could finish the whole single elimination. Results:

1. Jose "Gollito" Estredo
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Tonky FRans

9. Michael Sumereder
9.Michael Roßmeier
17. Chris sammer
17. Tom föda
17. Max Matissek
33.Tom Hartmann
33. Max Schanda
33.Alexander Seyss