Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaining Grounds Movie released!!


The Austrian Windsurfing Movie " GAINING GROUNDS" is released!!!!! Wuhuuuu!!
We had the first Premiere in Vienna last Saturday and it was a big success.
The responsible guys Stefan Csaky and Manuel Grafenauer did a great job. Thanks guys!!
The movie is about 7 austrian windsurfers travelling to different spots in the world.
I finally got my own part from my trip to Madagascar last year.
You should check that movie out. It´s great! Good quality, professional cuts and amazing music!!
This weekend is the next premiere in Kiel, Germany.
The DVD will be distributed for free with the German " Windsurfing Journal". The issue is coming out right now!!!

For now you can watch the Tailer online on:

Personally it was very important for me to have some good feedback from my last years trips and to awaken those memories again.
This gives me power to come back to my level where I was.
I had a difficult year until now, with many injuries and operations and personal finished, looking for the right job, etc...
The last knee operation was 5 weeks ago.
It was painfull and pretty hard for me mentally, but everything went as planned and reha goes well so far.
Thanks to the docs!!
Now I am on my way back...I can go in the water...with my "therapy boards" ;-))
During those hot days in Austria "water is my therapy" ( as usual ;-)) !!!

I hope you can enjoy your summer, wherever you are!
All the best! Stay healthy and happy!!