Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X-Mas everyone and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
- Wherever you are - out there on the mountains, in the ocean, with your families, in the cities, still in bed,......!!

Remember- Christmas shouldn´t be only on the 24th of december but every day. Spend time with your loved ones as often as possible, have an open ear for your friends, be generous to the poor, and show hospitality to strangers and keep your heart warm and open!!!

I wish you a peaceful day!

For sale!


Before the upcoming next year I want to sell some stuff:

Ezzy Panther Wavesails 2010, all in good condition:
- 4.7m2
- 4.2m2
- 3.3m2 NEW!!

Lorch Oxygen Waveboards 2008 Models:
- 68L
- 75L

Dakine Wave-Harness T4, Women, 2011, Size S

Camaro Wetsuits Women, 2011 collection, NEW, Size 38
longarm 3-4-5mm, short arm 3-4mm, Shorty

If you are interested, please contact me via my e-mail.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New reality

Hi everybody!

Sorry, for a long time I didn´t update my blog..but the last time was pretty stressful and full of new impressions.
September and october I finished my traineeship in the pharmacy with a big exam. So now I am a pharmacist as well...;-)) And I will never ever work in a pharmacy, because it is too deadly boring for me!! ;-)

End of october I finally found the time and was fit enough to celebrate my finished medical studies (in the meantime nearly one year ago) and had my graduation party in Innsbruck. This was as well kind of a goodbye party in Innsbruck as I soon after moved.

So it was time to decide when and where to start with my clinical rotations and work as a doctor. My injuries still gave me a hard time, but I decided to just jump into real life, ignore the pain and start working to focus my thoughts somewhere else.
So I moved to Salzburg and started the "Turnus" - the internship beginning of november.
For now I can say that this didn´t especially help my knee but my soul.
I like my work as a doctor and I think that´s really the thing I want to do in my life. At the moment I am for half a year at the department of Internal Medicine, then I will see where I´m going to continue and hopefully I´ll soon know which speciality I am going for...I already have an idea, but let´s see what will be possible..
At the moment I am very lucky with my colleagues-funny cordial people, had a really good start, and I learn a lot. For sure nightshifts are hard and sometimes I have to do some work I cannot find any sense in , but I guess that´s normal. Compared with my life before- two studies and professional sports at one time- it is not that hard ;-)..Never believe people to much if they complain..;-)
At the moment my knee and ancle show improvement, but I´m still far away from real "interesting" sports. Thanks to that beautiful fall- sunny for 6 weeks in a row- I could cycle and mountainbike a lot and till end of november I was on the mountains in Tyrol and Salzburg in the sun in t-shirts :-))))

Now the winter is coming and I guess the next 2 months I will suffer a bit, before I can at least start to hike up the mountains with skies...
For now that´s fine for me, as I can focus on work and it doesnt stress me not to have so much sparetime anymore. For the future I will have to find a solution how to combine medicine and my love for the ocean and the mountains.. Comes time - come answers...

Salzburg by dawn and rising fog from the Gaisberg

Salzburg town

I wish you all a merry merry christmas time- don´t drink too much hot wine---;-)