Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer 2009


Times passes by so quickly- quite long ago that I did update my blog....
This summer has been great. Once more i stayed abroad a bit longer than planned....
Mid July I went to Mauritius. I had such a great time there with my friends that I stayed until mid september. Conditions were average this summer - a lot of wind, unfortunately not too many big swells, but I can say that I have been on the water every day.
Then I had the opportunity to travel once more to Western Australia, together with a friend from Sweden, Maria.
First I did plan to go to the Worldcup in Sylt, but Australia is definatly a bigger "seduction"...
Congratulations to all riders you showed their potential in the cruel Sylt- conditions!!!
OZ was a great girls-trip. Three unreal weeks in the north of W.A., big swells, good sailing, great surfing,camping, pure nature feeling, campfires, wild animals,....

Now I amback home since a month and i finally get used again to our civilisation and society...never easy!!
But life is good here as well, some interesting university times and winter is on the way!!

" Do what you do with all of your heart-
love it - or change it!"

Yours Uli

Friday, August 21, 2009


One more time Mauritius!!

We have it all!!
Wind, gusts, swell, small and big waves, chop, glassy surfing conditions, rain, sun, no wind and no waves, but parties.....
It is still paradies here, even if unfortunately more and more crowded every year!!!!
sorry, until now not a lot of sailing pics..hope they still will come. waiting for some epic conditions!!!

wish you all a nice summer!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wo die Almröserln wachs´n...

..und der Enzian blüaht!!

MTB- Tour in Südtirol bei Sterzing, Ratschings

Flüchteten vor dem feuchten Regenwaldklima in Innsbruck ein bisschen weiter in den Süden...
Entdeckten eine super schöne Tour und regnete einmal nicht!!!!!
Noch eine Woche- dann gehts ab in den Süden!!!

Mei Freid san die Küah
Und die Berg und die Bam
Ja dort auf der Alma
Ist der Frieden daham.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Austrian Lake time

Rainy weather here in Austria since two weeks.
But we had some great windy days at Neusiedlersee.
Unfortunately I didn´t bring my windsurfing eqipment, as I didn´t expect so windy conditions...I would have been on a 3.5 for two days....
But I was trying my new wave-kiteboard. Learning to jibe again!! Haha!! I was mostly just flying...
Let´s see if I am gonna be ready for wavekiting if there are lightwind days in Mauritius.
Leaving soon for about 6 weeks to the beautiful island in the indian ocean!!!.....One Eye is calling!!!!!

thanks for the pix to:

entry fee on a rainy day????

Friday, June 19, 2009


First good news...My "so much loved pharmacy studies" are FINALLY finished!!!! YEAH!!
But luckily I have another subject to finish as well, so I will stay at university at least another year- and be able to travel some more.

Here some pics from two great weeks in Maroc end of may.

Have a nice summer!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Welcome in the summertime!!
What a start in the season over here in Austria!!!
1.-10.5 was the Surfopening in Podersdorf including the EFPT Freestyle Classics and the PWA Slalom Worldcup. Both events could get finished in incredible good wind conditions!!!
For Results check:
Congratulations to everybody and especially to all the Austrians!!!!

I was in the east of Austria as well for this ten days. Was not quite planned as that...but somehow I didn´t get away there anymore...
Sailing with 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, and kiting a lot as well. So great to be on the water again with all my friends from vienna!!!

And yeah, there are to mention the best parties of the year....AND I mean really the best ones!!! Great sound, great people, great athmosphere- starting with a sundowner at the lake after a day in the water........Whoever was there knows what i am talking about...

I will go to Maroc and continue celebrating summer in two days!! thin k I´ll have to pray for wind...

Have all a good start in the season!!!

pics by: John Carter , Tanja Emig and Uli Hölzl

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skitouring for Easter


for once I was at home in Austria for easter.
the weather was incredible. After a real long winter the summer suddenly started from one day to the other. 14 days of blue sky and temperatures up to 25 degrees. Crazy!
the powder was unfortunately gone, but very good touring conditions on the mountains.
A 2 days trip to the Ötztal, some daily tours around innsbruck, some normal snowboarding, bbq´s, drinks in the city, first spring parties full of life....It was all in there.
No I gotta go back in front of my books,- not easy!
soon, soon - in may- I will be off to the water again. It will be time!!
Have a nice spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Short Capetown Holiday


this post comes a little late....Too much stuff going on at the moment!

Mid february my urge to swim in the ocean was getting too big and I went in a last minute decision to Capetown for two weeks.
The first days on the water were a little hard for me. After a nearly four months brake my arms didnt have the usual power, and I also just recovered from a flu. But I was very lucky those two weeks with really good wind and wave conditions. Some good days at Platboom at the cape, some super windy sessions with 3.3. in Melkbos, a nice clean waveriding session in Yzer-Fontaine... Some more kitesurfing sessions trying a directional in the wave...Good sushi, good food, nice people. All in all a great holiday...and really necessary to load my batteries for the next University months...
Coming home we had incredible snow conditions for two weeks. Everyday again riding powder in front of my house in Innsbruck. UNREAL!!
Unfortunately I cannot post any pics, as the stupid baboons in the Cape national park stole my Camera- believe it or not!!!!
So as soon the little monkey baby sends me back the camera I will let you see some pics of this incredible winter!!
In the next six weeks I will hopefully finish my pharmacy studies and then everythings is going to be a little more relaxed....

Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ski Touring in Tyrol

Hallo everybody!
After some stressfull weeks at universityI finally had some days off and could enjoy the Tyrolean Alps. We have good snow conditions at the moment. Even if not as good as in the southern part of the alps, there are enough powder runs to be found.
Some days ago I did a very beautiful tour with some friends to the "Stempeljoch". First we took the gondola uphill straight on my homemountain the " Seegrube". The first downhill run was on the northern side of the mountain, away from all the official slopes. Super nice, steep, and really good snow. Follwing were two more times an hour uphill walk, some little climbing over a ridge and more powder runs. The landscape there in the " karwendel" - a nature resort is just stunningly amazing! Peaceful, white, silent, no people!!
We ended our day with some hot chocolate and beers (what a combi!!) in an old mountainpasture and then skied down directly to the bus-station to get a ride back to Innsbruck