Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mauritius once more...

Uli in One Eye

Babsy Table Top

I arrived here in Mauritius with my friend Babsy Strasser one week ago.
We are sharing a great time here!
Although the swell is not the biggest at the moment we had already good sessions in Manawa, One eye and some jumping on the little reef. Also getting on my kite some more when it is really flat and practising some jumps,- getting in the waves with the kite is not far away anymore..
Some more days to wait and it will get really biiiiig again! Enjoy life!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pics Pozo

Hallo !
Finally I got some more pics from the Comp in Pozo, Gran Canaria ( thanks to John Carter) and some days sailing in Fuerteventura! In the meantime I am back home in Austria since one week. Nice weather. Back in the mountains. Mountainbiking, climbing, next week in internship on the surgery departement of an hospital in Linz. For short time serious again.....