Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back in Perth!

Two weeks in Gnaraloo are over....Leaving here makes me always sad!!
Until Geraldton the drive back to Perth was nice ( and hot), we passed the blowholes in Carnarvon and had some easy driving. But in Geraldton we had two flat tyres, had to stop for the night. the next day early morning in the garage and then continuing back to Perth.
Now I am doing an Elective Intern here for my medicine studies at the Hospital of Freemantle. Will be for three weeks at the Emergency departement. All doctors are really nice, take their time to explain things and the ambiance is great! I guess I will learn a lot here. But I have to say that sometimes I feel a little bit insecure, as the Australian medicine students know a lot more in practical terms. In austria we just study our books and in front of the patient we are idiots.....anyway- it will be good for me! My boss is a dedicated wavesailor as well, so I guess it will not be too hard to get some days with good swell off.....
Had already a beer with him in Gnaraloo....
Lucky me!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally back in Australia

After a 4 years break I finally made it again to Western Australia! Yupeeh!!!
It is sill the same easy going, laid back country. I rented a car in Perth and went first of all as fast as possible up to Gnaraloo- my most loved spot in the world! Having now already two great weeks up here! Some lightwind wavesailing days, some days with small waves and jumping, and some of these glassy surfing days. just amazing! The best about this place is still its remote environment, just nature all around you. that´s what i love!
These are my last days here though as I am going back to Perth soon for an intern elective at a hospital in Perth for my medicine studies.......
So I will enjoy my last evenings under the stars and in front of the fire with the sound of the ocean in front of my tent ..

Monday, November 5, 2007

Summer 07
My last trip in this summer brought me once again to the Island Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately this summer the wind was not very consistent and very light, and the spot also got already quite crowded. Nevertheless I got some great sailing sessions at the radical spot in One Eye. Two epic days with over masthigh, down the line peeling waves. Incredible.

At one of the next days the swell picked up once more, one and a half mast and I have to say I got a bit "high-spirited". I tried to sail out at the little channel in front of One eye, which was pretty stupid. The next big set came, the wind died... and there I was - in the washing maschine of these 6m monsters...

First I lost my equipment for a short time, which I fortunately managed to reach again. Then I got pulled out in the channel and washed back several times in a circle. I really fought hard to get back in the lagoon and pushed myself away from the reef with full power with one foot.

Result : over 50 stings of a sea urchin in my foot. Got operated two times. Once in Mauritius , once back home in Innsbruck to get the stings out. I am still recovering from this "accident".

Unfortunately I could not take part at the competition on Sylt because of this. So my whole overall Ranking for the 2007 season does not exist. A bummer- but thats life!

But now I am getting better and I am off to Australia mid november. Havent been there since five years and I cannot wait!!!!!