Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer 2009


Times passes by so quickly- quite long ago that I did update my blog....
This summer has been great. Once more i stayed abroad a bit longer than planned....
Mid July I went to Mauritius. I had such a great time there with my friends that I stayed until mid september. Conditions were average this summer - a lot of wind, unfortunately not too many big swells, but I can say that I have been on the water every day.
Then I had the opportunity to travel once more to Western Australia, together with a friend from Sweden, Maria.
First I did plan to go to the Worldcup in Sylt, but Australia is definatly a bigger "seduction"...
Congratulations to all riders you showed their potential in the cruel Sylt- conditions!!!
OZ was a great girls-trip. Three unreal weeks in the north of W.A., big swells, good sailing, great surfing,camping, pure nature feeling, campfires, wild animals,....

Now I amback home since a month and i finally get used again to our civilisation and society...never easy!!
But life is good here as well, some interesting university times and winter is on the way!!

" Do what you do with all of your heart-
love it - or change it!"

Yours Uli