Thursday, March 31, 2011

postponed again...


So it didn´t turn out to be an ACL revision ( anterior cruciate ligament surgery).
In the operation the docs decided just to fill up the tunnels from my previous knee OP´s with bone graft from my hip.
Cross ligament Op will be in about earliest 3 month, as soon as the bone is hard enough and healed in.
Well this "project" and all these OP´s is slowly getting on my moral, missing a body which doesn´t hurt, missing some movement and adrenalin...
But well, I am sure this was the best option to have good initial situation for the final ACL surgery. the third time there is nothing to "poker" about!!

So if my ankle injury is healing well, I might have May and June when I can do a little sports, some work, some life...Enjoying spring hopefully!!

Cheers out there!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruciate ligament operation coming up tomorrow!!


The healing of my broken and operated ankle is going well.
Rips are hurting less....I can "move " again...;-)

So to safe a bit time and because it is concerning the same leg I decided to jump "into the cold water"...
The so long postponed third cruciate ligament revision operation will be tomorrow..

Yes I would lie if I´d say that I´m not scared..But I hope for the best this time, and i am positive!
I know I wont get a new knee...put lets pray for a bit more stability....for my knee and my life in the future..;-))))

Keep fingers crossed!

Wish you a nice spring!
Birds are singing!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The body will always stop you if the mind races...


Well, as I sad already..things don´t always turn out the way we plan.
My third cross-ligament operation for the knee was scheduled for the beginning of march.
Three days before the planned OP I went snowboarding to some great freeriding place. It was a sunny day, new fresh snow, perfect to get some great runs and to say godd-bye to the season...
we were hiking a bit and riding steep couloirs.
With the planned operation in m mind I wanted to make the best out of the day, couldn´t stop in time, as always..didn´t get enough..but well if you have so much is always hard to stop..

In the end I had a bad accident....
On backside traverse from one couloir to another one i did not have anough speed to make it and had to go out from my back bindings to push myself up a little snow cornice.
At that moment the snow of the cornice broke. I had no chance to get to a safe spot as I was only with one foot in my bindings..pretty the worst situation you can get into...:-(((
So I tumbled down the whole couloir for 300 hight meters....horrifying...
Had to be rescued by a helicopter..was in shock
broken ankle which had to be operated, a twisted knee on the other side (should get ok without OP), one broken rib....
Prettty bad, but I still think I was very lucky...could have been a lot worse with a the cliffs and rocks nearby.....
Operation went well, I am on the way up!!!
But now my previously planned operation on the old bad knee will be postponed a bit, but maybe already next week. As I am on crunches anyway on the same foot the docs say it is ok to do it soon as well....will have to speak to my physios to plan the Reha for both
as well..
Maybe the knee wanted some more time ;-)??
This looks like as it is going to be a Rehabilitation year for me..sad about it, as I was just to start to look for a job, see where life is going to lead me.
But now I have time to think it all over again....
Maybe that´s not bad, as I was not too sure anyway about my goals...
Well ..
The body always stops you if the mind races!!!!

Here is also an article in German in the Windsurfers Mag.
Great mag for all the windsurfing news around the world!!!

I wish you all the best.
Take your time if your body asks you to rest before accidents happen....!!