Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selling stuff!!!!


I am cleaning my cellar and I am selling a lot of windsurf ( snowboard) equipment to make some space and some money for my next trips.....
Most interesting for you might be:

Ezzy Sails from 2008, NEW: 4.0m, 4.7m
Ezzy Sails from 2008 used: 3.7m ( nearly new!!), 4.2m, 5.0m
Ezzy Sail from 2007: 3.7m

Dakine Harness T3 Wave, Size S, in great condition!!

LORCH Oxygen Waveboard 75L, from 2007, like NEW!

Wave-Fins , Us BOX ( F2, Maui Fin Company): Size: 19-23cm, NEW and used

Extension, Arrows, 25cm, normal diameter
Extension Arrows, 0 cm, ND

Contact me soon before I am on the Canary islands!!

Have a nice summer!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shorttrip to Marocco


This journey was i real last minute decision for me. Three very good friends of mine ( Heidi, Natascha and ULi und Markus) had planned this trip already a lont time ago...( yeah,- they are working doctors and cannot be so spontaneous anymore...)
As I had to wait for some "university dates" I only could decide in the last minute if I could go. And two days before - when the wind- and waveforecast looked incredible good, I also found a very cheap flight.
Nicola Thost- a german friend of the good old snowboarding times- and now also dedicated windsurfer, also joined me. Great - no travelling alone!!
So, two days later we sat in the plane from Munic to Marrakesch. Finally going to the ocean again! I was so much looking forward to it! More than three months I haven´t been on the water.
In Marrakesch we took a local taxi, which drove us directly to the windsurfing capital of Marocco- Moulay. ( 20km near Essaouira).
Heidi had already organised that we could stay with them at a local family´s place in this fishervillage. Simple- but really nice!
So interesting to get to know their culture. The life of these women is definately not the easiest one, but they seem to be happy and it is so nice to see a whole big family living together in peace!!!! Their son- Abderazaq Labdi- is one of the next future pros of Maroc. Real good stylish sailing! There are actually a lot of young guys now in this village who have a great potential. Since some years Fta ( a guy who also helped Boujmaa to travel out of Marocco, and who is having a big nice restaurant now in Moulay) is organising some equipment for them - and they are totally addicted!! A real good thing.- At the moment it is a guys sport only in Marocco. It might take another long long time until the girls have the possibility and the "permission" to practise some sports- watersports, wear swimsuits, neopren.....It is still another world. And I still do not know and somewho it is hard for me to understand what the marrocain girls think when they see us women practising this sport....would they like to try?..or does it just not exist in their heads to have the possibility to move so freely on the beach and on the water??.....Are they jealous??..or do they think that we are just crazy???...doing a men´s thing and acting against our femininity?......MHHH?????
It makes me think a lot!!!!!!!!
So, to keep it short- we had a great week. For four days the wind was howling for my 3.3m and 3.7m ezzy sail and the smallest Lorch Baby- My Oxygen 60L. the waves were about 2 meters every day. The last two days the wind was light and I was kiting....First days in waves. Totally exited about that! I still have noooo control at all, and I had to walk back upwind, dropped the kite in the waves.... - but it is Adrenaline again....
Yeah WE had a GREAT week together!!!
Two more weeks to go - then POZO in GRAN CANARIA.
I know that I did not train at all for this competition...But I still go, will give my best and I am really looking forward to see all the people from the tour again- and to sail !!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer in Tyrol

Hi there!

Some short news....unfortunately still not from the water...but i am having a good time here at home.
I as for a great mountainbike tour today at the "Seegrube". Pretty hard to bike up those 1300hm, as I did not move too much lately.
On the Top of the Nordkette they are getting prepared for the Soccer European championships by building a VIP tent for all the important rich football-people....
the cable car to the Top of the "Hafele-Kar" was still running. Believe it or not- there were still people with their skis and snowboards. I was skiing down with the "Figls". This are super short skis , which you can only use in the mushy summer snow. You just go straight- thats super fun!!!!
There was also a competition of the hang-gliders. Great! That´s my next sport I have to learn!!
I hope I can soon give you some news from the water again!!- Going to Maroc on tuesday for a shorttrip. The wind should be good.- Let´s see!