Thursday, September 24, 2015

Little timeout on the Island after "Ius Practicandi"

Hallo everybody!!!

Finally I am spending time again in my beloved ocean and in the waves!! :-)
The last year was pretty busy, so please excuse me for not posting anything...
There was a lot of work, lot of further education, some final exams. Now, after 3,5 years as an intern 
("Turnusarzt") in the hospital, rotating from one to another department, I finally got my " Ius Practicandi", my Medical Diploma as a General Practitioner (GP). A big step is done!
One part of me is happy and proud, the other part a bit nervous and anxious about what´s next.
Some decisions to make... Most of all I want to find a solution for a good work- life balance!! ;-)

But now first of all it is time for some water action again!!!
Just got my new sails!! Pink rules !! ;-)

Here some shots from the last days by Harry Winnigton.

Some pictures from great conditions the last year by Gilles Calvet:

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